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Welcome to TF Outpost, a site about promoting Transformers products and share personal stories about collecting Transformers. Hello, my name is Philip I, I have been a Transformers fan and a collector since it was introduced in 1984. First time I heard about the Transformers was when I got my first Transformers toy name Sunstreaker, he have die cast parts and soft rubber tires, an open cockpit with seat that can be fitted with tiny figurine, a lot fun to play with. When the Transformers (Generation 1) cartoon came out shortly after, I watched it with Sunstreaker toy in my hand, I was excited to learn that Sunstreaker is one of the good guy, and start to following the series. From that point forward, my Transformers toys began to grow and so is my passion.

I want TF Outpost to be a place to share your stories and personal experience about the Transformers, and your collections. I want TF Outpost to be a place for new generation to learn and to love Transformers. Also I want TF Outpost to be place to promote all Transformable products, including 3rd party products that can  relate or enhance  the Transformers.

Just recently I saw a post about an interview  with an actress name Sumalee Montano, who does the voice for Transformers Prime Arcee. In the interview she discusses how she wants to collect the Transformers Prime toys of Arcee, her favorite Prime episodes so far and more! One question was very interesting- Are you planning on buying the toys?

Sumalee: YES! All the toys! They’ll be great replicas of these hopefully indelible characters. There’s also a fun coincidence related to the new Arcee toy. I was talking to a friend on the East Coast who I hadn’t spoken with for years. I didn’t know she was part of the team working on Arcee’s toy packaging, and she didn’t know that I was the voice of Arcee. When I told her, she exclaimed, “Hey, I just worked on Acree’s toy earlier today!”

I love it when you discover how Transformers touches so many people’s lives and brings us together.

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